Community of Misminay – Cusco

Community of Misminay – Cusco

Misminay lives accompanied by majestic landscapes, guarded by the apus Wañinmarca, Salkantay and Verónica.

Lucky to own the largest canvas of stars in all of Cusco.

It is a refuge of ancestral customs, and families that maintain their

relationship with nature.

20 minutes from Moray.

According to the time and agricultural calendar of the community you can  work agricultural activities with ancestral techniques and traditional Andean tools such as lampa, chaquitaclla, yunta and oxen.

Experience the ancestral process of making Andean textiles made with sheep wool dyed with plants, minerals and natural supplies, under the system called “away” using homemade tools such as small wooden boards and animal bones.

Towards the highest part of the community is 
the "balcony of Maras" where we will enjoy a privileged view,
beautiful landscapes of snow and main apus. 
From where you can observe the entire archaeological 
complex of Maras complete.

It makes Andean bricks called “adobes” with which from ancestral times until our times the peasants build their houses.

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